My Projects

I'm a full-stack developer who enjoys experimenting with new languages and writing plugins, applications, QoL tools, and whatever else I can make in order to help people and learn along the way. Some people may know me by my old graphing calculator programs, but you can find all of my recent projects either listed below or on my GitHub page.

BetterDiscord Plugins

A collection of BetterDiscord client plugins used by thousands of people across the world

RasPi Google Drive Live Sync

A Google Drive live sync client installer for the Raspberry Pi


A simple application to accurately set the relative position of monitors in a dual- or multi-monitor setup


A graphical/command line tool that automates launching UWP/Metro Apps, as well as extracting icons and adding them to Steam.

BEE2 Automatic Installer

An automatic, integrated installer/updater for BEE2.4


Easily search the fediverse in your preferred search engine


A (ba)sh-inspired ANSI shell for the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator


A utility for interacting with a Launchkey Mini MK2 MIDI Keyboard's pad lighting

PyDream LED Continued

A python interface for talking to the Dream Cheeky 21x7 LED display


Solve 32 Wordles at once

Snowball Fight Discord Bot

A bot that has similar functionality to Discord's Snowsgiving 2021 Snowball Bot

Hosts File Adblocker

A simple script that installs an ad-blocking extension from the web to the Windows hosts file


A PHP/jQuery based web chatroom app that I made as a programming exercise